Academic Translation

As Pierid Translation, we are reliable, completely customer-oriented in our business, offering the exact solution to your needs and earning our reputation with the quality of our translations. Our staff is expert in a wide range of foreign languages and qualified to work on academic topics. For this reason, the translation of academic texts is done by our experts. It is important for your trust that our translations are translated by our notary sworn translators and they are signed, sealed, and “certified by origin” for the translation of undergraduate, graduate and transcript diplomas, which will strengthen your confidence.

It will also make our job easier stating the purpose of the translation and which date it should be finished. The text you submitted is subjected to a preliminary check by our staff. In our office, we aim to have information about some of the chapters that have been determined by you and to ensure that the translation is done precisely. It is also difficult to find a translation agency that works this precise.