Medical Translation

The correct medical translation is as important as the anaesthesia given to a patient prior to surgery. You can rely on the expert translators of Pierid Translation for any medical translation needs. As Pierid Translation, we are aware that medical texts need to be translated without misunderstanding. For this reason, we work with expert translators and native speakers and editors who are experts in medical translation. By offering professional language solutions in the medical translation field, Pierid Translation provides reliable, fast and economical medical translation services for many institutions and organizations, especially academics.

Pierid Translation provides document translations of medical reports, contracts, technical specifications, certificates, tender documents, production agreements, activity reports, bio-statistical analyzes of all private and public institutions, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and all companies serving in the medical / healthcare sector, medical equipment catalogs and all kinds of medical translation documents and technical translations done by physicians, chemists and biologists according to their fields with a wide range of translators and interpreters.

Medical translation and Pharmacy translations require a high level of expertise and should only be performed by translators of appropriate qualification.