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This is a “Pierid” chapter that should be read in the weekdays. This is composed in a public area with accompany of trees, birds, sea, legends, fairies, literature, poems and a severe translation spirit.

Just look up for the meaning of “Pierid”. Or stop! Let us tell you the tale. “Muse”. Sounds lovely, right? Now, repeat.




Explore the taste in your mouth. Soft, warm. Are you perhaps smiling while reading this? As Victor Hugo says; “A smile is the same as sunshine; it banishes winter from human countenance”. While sadness and sorrow retreat with winter, the rest will bring a bright sunshine. Be optimistic now; because you are about to discover a good colleague to work with.

Get a glass of water and relax. Now, you are ready to listen to the tale. I am going to tell you the secrets of the Gods and power of Pierid’s song.

There was once a beautiful island where the hearing was more important than seeing. The Gods were fond of the voice of the island. The wind around the island softly touches the feathers of the birds with a gentle voice. Birds take the silence from white foams of the sea and carry into the island. And the Sea, gazes upon them, take this white silence, paints it green and gifts it to the trees.

Days and months have passed. The old year has departed and the new year has arrived… Furnaces have been kindled far far away. Gods have rested. It was when Pierid’s first song has started. It has been breathtaking. This song has been glancing the past and the present. It has been both a praise of silence and an echo of the most beautiful bird’s chirp, a compliment to hear without being seen and an effort to perceive all.

Gods have been entranced upon hearing of Pierid’s ability. They have decided to reward Pierid among themselves and have given her a magic wand. From that moment on, it has been an inspiration to those who have been willing to listen even in times seeing were as unique as hearing.

I am the one, Pierid, carries the silence of the sea to you! You heard my song, read my myth; if you wish, now, let the magic wand touch you and reach your soul.